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How to Write a Product Review Blog Post That Converts

How to Write a Product Review Blog Post That ConvertsSavvy online shoppers spend a lot of time researching products before they make a purchase. Part of this process involves reading product reviews. From a marketing perspective, learning how to craft compelling and insightful product review blog posts will prove to be tremendously valuable.

The 4 Best Tips to Crafting Quality Review Posts

As a blogger, you’ll occasionally come across an opportunity to review a product and write a blog about it. In a time where shoppers are always looking for proof to validate a purchase decision, review posts from unaffiliated, third-party individuals are highly attractive. If you do a good job with these posts, you shouldn’t have any trouble generating some traffic and building an audience.

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers fail miserably with their reviews. They either don’t know how to review a product, or do a poor job of contextualizing their experience in an honest and clear format.

In order to help you write high-converting posts, here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

1. Prove Yourself

The very first thing you have to do is prove yourself. Why should readers believe or trust anything you say as the reviewer/blogger? If you’re just some guy off the street, do they really have any reason to think your opinion matters on this subject?

Let’s say, for example, that you’re writing a review post on a cloud accounting solution. Who do you think people are more likely to trust – a small business owner, or a video game blogger? Clearly, the business owner is more likely to have interacted with the product in a meaningful way.

Stick to products that fall under your realm of expertise and make it a point to prove yourself to your audience each and every time.

2. Use Real Data and Examples

Any blogger can make up some subjective claims about a product and throw them into a blog post. Savvy shoppers see through this and want reviews to feature as many objective statements as possible. The Snoring HQ blog does a good job of this, frequently providing ratings and actual results in posts – like the SnoreRx review. The more statistical claims you’re able to include, the more believable your review will be.

3. List Both Pros and Cons

One of the biggest challenges the average blogger has when reviewing products is that they don’t want to say negative things about someone’s product. As a result, they choose to focus on the positives and tend to gloss over the negative qualities when they find them. Try not to do this!

“Always try to fight the natural resistance and mention every negative aspect you’ve stumbled upon,” one blogger advises. “This will strengthen your brand and also ensure your readers know that you’re an honest source of information.”

This review of the Sonos One is a good example of a post that features both pros and cons, even when it would be easy to only focus on the pros.

4. Use Your Own Voice

One of the appealing things about reading a product review blog post is that they’re typically raw and unfiltered. This is why shoppers click on reviews, rather than blatant advertisements or branded landing pages.

In order to get the most out of your review posts, make sure you’re using your own voice and letting your personality shine through. It’s okay to express some humor or show a lighter side. People want to see this and will engage with you more.

Give Your Readers What They Want

When someone clicks on a product review post, they’re looking for a clear, systematic, honest opinion of the product at hand. This isn’t the time to get carried away and start plugging your own blog or brand – that will happen naturally. Instead, give your readers what they want and watch your blog experience organic growth.

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