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SEO is NOT hard. The work is easy, once you know the right thing to do. There's the rub. Stompernet's "7 Deadly SEO Mistakes" course is free and you can get it here. Or just watch the free video to learn more. It's really easy to fall under the sway of an "expert" who may not even KNOW he's giving his clients bad advice. But StomperNet has expert faculty like Jerry West - guys who learn by doing, by testing, and by sharing results with folks just like you. Sign up for this free 7 part email course direct from StomperNet, and save your SEO and

Before you take off for the holidays, check this out. Jenkins and the StomperNet crew are mailing out links to this video today.It's super-slick (as usual) but I don't know if these results are for real.People improving their profits like crazy in just minutes?Go watch and decide for yourself. Skeptical or not, it's pretty amazing. have a feeling this is going to be big, so check it out early.Mike

HeyHave you gotten your F'REE copy of "Stomping the Search Engines2" yet? though they had some problems at launch, they're up nowand people are LOVING this deal.You need to see it for yourself - the video on that pageexplains the whole thing - $500 worth of StomperNet materialfor F'REE. SEO from the biggest, baddest group on the planet, anddon't pay one cent for it. (Okay, TINY S&H charge - but that'sit!)Go check it out now.MikeP.S. They're SERIOUS about getting a copy to everyone who wantsit - they have a phone number AND email address on the cart andare going strong all day

Last week's broadcast of StumpMarkus was yet another insanely great hour of very cool online marketing tips presented by myself, Markus Allen (our 'whiz bang' host) and special guest Willie Crawford.Willie Crawford is one of those guys with whom I'm honored to associate. A true stand-up guy willing to share great ideas at the drop of a hat.According to Willie:"There were some EXCELLENT tips and resources shared during the show. In fact, I learned more from that free show than I did from many products that I paid $197 for. I'll definitely be tuning in to future shows when able."Here are just