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I'm a bit frustrated on this Friday. On my recommendation, over 900 of you have visited the StomperNet site over the past several days but only 100 of you have gone on to watch their free webinars (or, as I like to refer to them: stompinars)! I'm shocked at the above because, for instance, last night Dan Hollings hit it out of the park with his free stompinar on Twitter. Plus the other FREE webinars held earlier in the week (covering SEO, Keyword Research, Article Marketing, and more) are available to you

When I signed up for StomperNet's new free "7 Deadly SEO Mistakes" course, I was only really doing it to check out how StomperNet had put it together. I mean, I already "know" SEO, right? And I DID already know a lot of the stuff in the reports and videos they've sent so far.  SEO fundamentals haven't changed since the 90's.  But then I dared myself to check my sites for these mistakes anyway, and

I've been talking up Stompernet quit a bit lately but there's one thing I have not given enough space to and that's their insanely useful Internet Marketing publicationThe Net Effect. Listen:  if there's only ONE thing you should be reading each month, it's The Net Effect.  In each issue, the Stompernet faculty of geniuses spew gobs and gobs of wisdom on every page.  Sick, really. The good news? They're making it VERY easy for you to steal their brain juice.  Get The Net Effect Here: Mike

Hey, join me and Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling on Cool Talk this Thursday. This promises to be a website design and Internet marketing 'how-to' like none you've ever experienced.On the agenda: to help Jackie take his to the next level. We'll be sharing email, seo, and social media marketing tips and strategies up the yin yang.My aim is to send Jackie reeling with a bag full of traffic building and traffic CONVERTING ideas.Looking forward to chatting with you Thursday here.Mike CorsoP.S. If you'd like to speak with Jackie be sure to call the phone number on this page

Same old story: I aim to post something on Thursday and I'm either scrambling late Thursday night or, as in this case, by the end of the day on Friday. Good thing I have nothing to sell--you've heard it before: send your 'pitch' e-mails on Tuesday or Wednesday when people are more likely to read them.Cool Site of the Day VIPAnyway, I'm deep into creating a 'Cool Site of the Day VIP' program so I've only got time to share just a few nuggets with you today.By the way, the 'Cool Site of the Day VIP' program will enable online business

I just got this e-mail from Jim at Web Marketing Concepts.I'm working on a big post for you (unrelated to WMC) but felt I had to get this information to you ASAP.Here's Jim's message:"We are pleased to announce that Web Marketing Concepts will be holding a Members Only Telesemiar on Wednesday April 2, 2008 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. During this 90-minute event, we will be welcoming the new members that have joined during the last month and discussing how you can best use the Web Marketing Concepts system.We will also be talking about how the Affiliate Content Generator and the Link