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Those of you who have been following me for the past couple of years have noticed that I've been testing (read: struggling with) various blogging platforms.  First, I setup my blog using Google's blogger platform then, realizing that Wordpress is the shit, I ported everything over to Wordpress.  The only problem with Wordpress is that you've got to find the right Wordpress Theme and I was going through Themes like toilet paper (hey, there's a theme for 'ya). Anyway, I'm happy to report that I've found the ultimate Theme:  The Thesis Theme.  I can't tell you how much easier it is to not only

For the 6% of you on my mailing list who are as obsessed with PPC as I am, I open up my war chest to you: For all my PPC campaigns (either for affiliate marketing or Cool Site of the Day) I utilize several advanced keyword research, landing page optimization and PPC campaign creation tools.  The ESSENTIAL ones are

Starting this Friday (5/15), Wordze will be holding its first Happy Hour from 6pm to 7pm EST. For one hour every Friday you can join Wordze by opening a 100% free account and access their keyword research and search analyst tools. You will have access to over 13 of their tools while you use the service in that time frame. Wordze’s Happy Hour is located at: Take advantage of this! Mike

How's that for a title?Well, I've got three things to share today and they're all sizzling ;)First, through the end of the year, I'm offering a deep discount on my one-on-one consultations and site analyses. Let's work together to make sure you start 2009 on sound footing. My 60-minute calls are designed to do three things:Improve traffic to your siteTurn your visitors into subscribers or customersMake sure you're adding the right content to your siteSecond, as you know, since my trip to Las Vegas last month, I have shifted my business almost entirely to pay per click advertising and lead generation.