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End the week on a positive note:  take these two actions. Let's talk about how your phone is going to boost your sales (yes, I, Mike Corso, Web/Tech/Gadget Addict am talking about your TELEPHONE and, believe me, when you adopt these simple-to-use tools you're going to kick yourself for not doing this years ago). First, let me ask you:  do you think you're making the most of your phone to drive sales?  The answer is you're not and we're going to fix that today. Only because of the thousands of contacts I've made through Cool Site of the Day have I come across these two exceptional,

Did you know that a recent survey showed that 80% of internet marketers have never done any split testing -- even though it's one of the most powerful tools in the successful marketers toolkit? Jim Stone is a conversion rate expert who teaches people how to increase their conversion rates through split testing, and he thinks he knows why people don't get started, even though they know they should. He believes they think it's too complicated, and takes too long to get set up. If you're in this group, Jim has a great deal for you today. He his going to teach you how to do split

Before you take off for the holidays, check this out. Jenkins and the StomperNet crew are mailing out links to this video today.It's super-slick (as usual) but I don't know if these results are for real.People improving their profits like crazy in just minutes?Go watch and decide for yourself. Skeptical or not, it's pretty amazing. have a feeling this is going to be big, so check it out early.Mike

Big day yesterday. I was interviewed at the Search Engine Strategies trade show in New York City (see clip below). Also, tune into for an interview I did with them at SES as well (not sure what time it will air but I think they'll be broadcasting yesterday's interviews throughout the day).

As promised, today I’m going to share with you the industry’s absolute best “out-of-the-box” web building and traffic generating package. Sounds like hype, doesn’t it? It’s not.Listen, I was once in your shoes; totally overwhelmed by all of the so-called Internet marketing gurus and their “guaranteed” quick and easy online money-making tools and ideas.Know this: there is nothing about being successful online that is quick and easy.Fact is, there are hundreds of resources and sites available to gather information about building successful web projects and most of this vast wealth of knowledge is great to use, but the big question is