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Cool Talk returns today with a power packed discussion starting at 1:30PM EST; on the Agenda: my notes from Affiliate Summit Social Media 2008 in New York (after a full day of conferences I walked away with some great information) The 10 Commandments of SEO how to benefit from Google's Keyword Tool and links, links, links!IMPORTANT: Before you join me on Cool Talk today, I recommend that you tune in to StumpMarkus at 12PM EST--Markus' special guest is master Internet marketer, David

My weekly LIVE call-in webcast, Cool Talk, begins every Thursday at 1:30PM EST.Each week I am joined by Markus Allen of Stump Markus and Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing, two giant online marketing minds freely sharing their most prized tips, strategies and methods for running web sites and mastering online marketing.Markus AllenFor a boatload of crafty marketing tips, I highly recommend that you tune in to Markus' live podcast, Stump Markus. They say there's 'no free lunch'? Listening to Markus Allen deliver a free brain dump for 90 minutes is about as good a deal as you're gonna find anywhere. Even better, be

Folks,Thanks to all who called in yesterday to the debut of Cool Talk, my weekly LIVE podcast hosted by TalkShoe.Every week, I, along with some very special guests, share my most prized tips, strategies and methods for running my web sites and mastering online marketing.And here's the best part: I've scheduled Cool Talk to start every Thursday at 1:30PM EST following my appearance on Stump Markus, Markus Allen's insanely informative podcast (also hosted on TalkShoe).Here's your chance to get expert advice (or just a kick in the pants) to move your online business in a very forward, very positive direction.So, if you need

Last week's broadcast of StumpMarkus was yet another insanely great hour of very cool online marketing tips presented by myself, Markus Allen (our 'whiz bang' host) and special guest Willie Crawford.Willie Crawford is one of those guys with whom I'm honored to associate. A true stand-up guy willing to share great ideas at the drop of a hat.According to Willie:"There were some EXCELLENT tips and resources shared during the show. In fact, I learned more from that free show than I did from many products that I paid $197 for. I'll definitely be tuning in to future shows when able."Here are just

What did you think of that headline? Consider it a gift from me and Markus Allen (of Stump Markus fame).Let me explain: For several years, Markus Allen has been testing EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing. Subject lines are just one of the things that Markus is obsessed with. He tells me 're: phone call tomorrow' is a clear winner when he wants to get his e-mails opened.Here's a funny story: one of Markus' other 'Subject' line winners is 'Holy crap