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SEO && Search Engine Optimization?

Ryan asked:

I have some keywords picked out that appear to have little competition currently so now what do I have to do to rank in top 10ish for them?

I am very confused why keywords like “cheap clothes online” (without quotes) returns as number 3 result(i get that is popular but nothing indicates they target that keyword) they are also very high for lots of other terms which I dont see in their title or description and every anchor text to their site I viewed (I only view about 100 out or their 2100) their inbond links said “” not really targeting keywords (should mention I used google to search them)

can anyone suggest how I can improve my keyword search ranking.. and the hardest part is my website is mostly a one page app that uses ajax to refresh everything which makes it awesome for users to find things better than most websites.. but maybe that prevents me from higher search engine rankings

If you have any suggestion would really appreciate it Thank you very much!

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    October 9, 2010

    WordPress Like a Pro

    Your competition will have lots of indexed pages,back links and can afford to employ a good SEO team working constantly on their website.
    You cannot do anything about other websites but you can work on your own. Ad more pages with good content and variation of keyword phrases, good internal page linking and backlinks from other sites that are relevant.

  • Track your SEO with ease
    October 10, 2010

    WordPress Like a Pro

    For your keywords try this, just use the free version it allows keywords. Market Samurai

    You might want to try out this site for your SEO.

  • Free SEO tracking tool
    October 12, 2010

    Cool Site of the Day

    I agree completely with Ivor. The site you are comparing yourself to has over 500000 incoming links (thats not a typo) and they have 188000 pages indexed with the search engines. Not to mention their PR 6. So they have proven themselves to Google and the other engines as being relevant to I am sure a lot of keywords. You can however use siteexplorer from yahoo ( to see those links and determine which ones you may be able to use in your own SEO campaign. You definitely want to concentrate on your own site and add as much valuable content as you can.

    If your site is using AJAX, making it 1 page, you are definitely going to have a hard time competing in the search engines for competitive terms. Google rewards those that provides it with lots of content to index. That is a big decision for you to make. I suggest changing your site to be unique pages, then adding lot’s more of them.
    In the end, this will be your saving grace. And remember, SEO takes patience. Actions today will get rewarded in few months..not tomorrow. Good luck with your store!

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