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Satellite TV Provider Myths

Debunking Satellite TV Provider Myths

Do you believe satellite TV is expensive? Are you under the impression that a satellite dish is ugly, obtrusive and hard to install? Think you can’t bundle your phone, Internet and TV service together if you sign on with a satellite TV provider? When you compare satellite TV to other TV services, you’ll find these statements are not true.

In fact, when you compare satellite TV to cable, you’ll find the prices are comparable, and consumer satisfaction is often rated even higher for both DISH Network and DirecTV—the two major satellite TV providers—than it is for some cable companies, depending on region.

Save money with Satellite TV Packages

First, let’s address the cost of satellite TV. The basic satellite TV packages from both satellite TV providers cost under $30, which is comparable—or less than—the price for cable TV. For your money, you’ll receive well over 100 channels, plus 50 or more satellite radio stations. Additionally, satellite TV is completely digital, even if you have an older analog set. You won’t have to pay for a converter.

Special offers may include:

  • free premium movie channels
  • additional receivers free of cost
  • free upgrade to HD
  • free DVRs, including HD DVRs
  • free installation

If you want to pay more, you’ll receive sports channels you can’t find anywhere else, and tons of movie, music and entertainment channels. Premier packages from both satellite TV providers offer close to 300 channels, including a broad array of high definition television broadcasts.

Easy Satellite Installation

But what about that dish on your roof? Today’s 18-inch dishes offered by satellite TV providers are designed to fit in nearly any space. With just a bit of guidance, most people can install the satellite dish themselves, but both satellite TV providers frequently offer free installation deals.

When you shop through, you’ll know you’re getting the best price on satellite TV, because we compare satellite TV prices for you. The deal may very well include free installation of the dish.

All that’s required to install a satellite TV dish is a clear line-of-sight to the sky, with no trees that will obscure the signal within one year. If you live in a heavily wooded area – or simply don’t want a dish on your roof – installers can mount the dish on a steel ground post for an additional fee.

Certified installers are trained to:

  • Clean up and dispose of all packing material
  • Vacuum any debris created from drilling holes
  • Provide you with contact information to reach the installation technician in the event of problems or questions
  • Perform an installation walk-through
  • Make sure you’re happy and that you indicate so by signing off on the job

Additionally, technicians should spend about 20 minutes educating you on the features of the service, including how to use the remote control and on-screen guide.

Save Money with Bundles from your Satellite TV Provider

If you’ve taken the time to compare satellite TV prices, you know you can save significant money with bundles of TV, phone and Internet service together. Satellite TV providers partner with major telephone companies to offer phone service and high speed Internet—even in areas that can’t get DSL.

Wherever you live, if you have a satellite dish you can get high-speed satellite Internet service. Bundling your high speed Internet and home phone service with your satellite TV can save you significant money. Compare satellite TV service through Allconnect and you’ll know you’re getting the best prices satellite TV providers offer.

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