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How to create facebook fan pages EASILY!

How to make a facebook fan page

New Facebook Profile

All I had to do was watch 3 minutes of Justin Wheeler’s demo of his ‘Easy FanPage Design‘ program and I realized this was the answer for anyone who needs to know how to create a new facebook profile fan page.

Facebook constantly trades places with Google as the most visited site in the world with more than 600 million active users—and more than half visiting the site daily.

Your friends, customers, prospective customers and clients are ALL active on Facebook—you’re business should be there too.

Even if you’ve been on Facebook for a while, Facebook has been busy overhauling its fan pages (aka “Like page”—either way, they’re profile pages for companies). So NOW is the time to dive in and revamp your own or learn how to create a new facebook profile fan page because…

1. Facebook has turned pages into catnip for Google and other search engines

2. Even more important, it’s easier than ever to make your fan page go viral

That’s because once someone “Likes” your page, then every message, every link, every anything you post to your page shows up in your fans’ news streams so they—and all their friends—can see and click on it…multiplying the number of people you reach every time you post something!

I’ve seen people charging $500-$5,000 to create a single Facebook fan page. So I’ve been looking for an easy, affordable way to help you create your own fan page that wows your visitors, revs up your sales and lands you more clients…

Easy FanPage Design does exactly what you need at a ridiculously low price.

Justin Wheeler, a social media consultant, couldn’t find a fast and easy way (he’ll admit, he’s not a tech geek) to make great-looking, profitable fan pages for his small business clients so he hired a team of programmers to create one for him.

He first made Easy FanPage Design available to the public in March. Since then, it has been updated and improved many times over. If there’s anything it doesn’t do, I’d like to hear about it.

With Justin’s Easy FanPage Design, it’s drop dead simple to whip up a professional Facebook fan page in 15 minutes or less because it uses a program you (or your team) probably already know and love…WordPress.

You won’t believe all the things you can do with just a few clicks of your mouse—get your copy of Easy FanPage Design and get your business making money on Facebook today–you won’t have to learn how to create a new facebook profile fan page because Easy FanPage Design does it for you!

Click here

To your success,


P.S. You can get the plugin to use on just one WordPress site for the price of a week of breakfasts at Dunkin Donuts or add it to as many of your own sites as you want for only twice that amount—either one is MUCH less than you’d pay someone to create a fan page for you.

So check it out at:

Easy FanPage Design

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