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How To Start YOUR WordPress Blog

There are TONS of blogs out there, from the google blog to Cool Site of The Day, which is a WordPress blog! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to start you own blog, but may not be a blog expert then WordPress is the place for you to begin. I’ve mentioned my LOVE for this tool, heck I have a WordPress Page on the site (showing some of the best free wordpress themes), and want to assure you that building a blog does NOT have to be difficult.

Sure, there are plenty of places out there where users can create blogs, but if you are looking for a flexible, customizable, and user friendly platform that WILL GROW WITH YOU, then WordPress has all you need. This free blog software allows users to build unique blogs or websites FAST.

Users can even search for the best hosts to get the best options recommended by WordPress (Cool Site of the Day recommends Bluehost). Once you’ve chosen your domain and arranged for hosting – then start downloading the latest version of this great tool and choose from a variety of cool plugins and themes to make your blog.

There’s a reason why over 25 million people call WordPress home to their blogs.

Check out my WordPress page to read more about this cool tool and learn how to get your blog noticed. What are you waiting for!? Download WordPress now.

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