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  • Terry
    September 23, 2009

    Website content

    ooh jack that is a very hard question – a few things to take into consideration is all of the seo agents that do not declare their services. Also the internet is ever growing so surely its going to be much more then what was spent last year.

    TBH I can not really add much value as its a very hard question indeed. I would recommend looking for some online magezines or online business seo forums or sites who would be able to direct you in a better way

  • Kay
    September 24, 2009


    There is no one answer for you. It depends on how old your site is, whether is for a local or national business, how many pages it includes, and how many inbound links it currently has, among other things.

    A small company can do well with careful keyword research, onsite optimization of the five top level pages, and some inbound link building. A blog helps a site a great deal, since it provides a steady influx of new content.

    Local businesses should have a professional SEO set them up on Google Local and all the vertical directories. You may wonder – why not do this yourself? Because an SEO specialists knows how to set up your listings so they will show up in the first page of Google’s 10 Pack – the A-J listings you see alongside the map when you search for important keyword phrases.

    Having worked for an interactive marketing firm, I have seen clients spend many thousands of dollars a month in SEO and online marketing. This inspired me to offer less expensive services to smaller businesses, so they can get and stay in the game.

    ~ Kay

  • ninathewriter
    September 25, 2009


    Hello Jack,

    I was trying to find the article on It was posted a few months back. However, the article stated that it expects Internet marketers will be spending at least $ 26 million plus on Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing closely followed.

    You can also check out they just posted a blog about the future of Internet marketing. They got their info from forrester research. You can go to forrester research and sign up for their newsletter and they will keep you up to date on trends. You can also go to mequoda daily, they are also an online newsletter that provides great information on Interent Marketing trends.

    I hope this helps!


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