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Get StatsJunky – 3 Day Sale Starts Now!

Would you rather pay $297.00 for a LIFETIME membership
into this incredible affiliate marketing tool – or have to pay
$699/year like everyone else…

Well it’s your lucky day – because today StatsJunky is
starting their big 3 Day BIRTHDAY BASH sale, and it’s
going to be the most beneficial sale for affiliate marketers
that has happened in years.





If you’re not sure what StatsJunky is, here’s what
famous affiliate marketer ShoeMoney had to say
about it:

“All serious affiliate marketers doing substantial
profit margins always have 1 major thing in common
and that is a central “Dashboard” of all of their
earnings among all the networks. Most marketers
have several accounts, some even with the same company.”

So what makes StatsJunky different from all the open
source/hosted tracking applications?

Less Points Of Failure:
With hosted/open source tracking apps, you have
to invest tons of time setting up your dashboard
and generating tons of links for every campaign.
Not only that, but running software like this can
be risky. If the hosted server is down or delayed,
this is going to drastically cut into your
revenue – which is a HUGE point of failure.

If you use StatsJunky, all of the data stays on
your computer. You don’t have to worry about a
hosted application having all of your campaigns/keywords.

All major affiliate networks are compatible with
StatsJunky and if there’s something you want – they
will write a plugin for you.

They conduct DAILY webinars for StatsJunky users.”

Buy StatsJunky for only $297 a huge discount
off their normal $699/ year pricetag.

This sale ends Saturday at Midnight – so get in
while you can.



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