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Get backlinks….without lifting a finger

SEO Link Building with Linxboss

Get Backlinks

First off, get backlinks…I mean, a belated Happy New Year!

Many exciting things going on around here…including a new friendship with a guy named Tommy Liantonio of LinxBoss .

I spent a half hour on the phone with Tommy a few nights ago; he called because he wanted to advertise on Cool Site of the Day. After I learned about his service and realized how much this guy knew about website marketing, I said “set me up with an account so I can get backlinks and let’s do a case study.”

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do…but you don’t have to wait for the results to get a jump in the search rankings…

Check out LinxBoss now.

A question for you:

Do you own a website that needs more visitors? Are you struggling to get ranked higher in Google and Yahoo, but the competition is always one step ahead? If so, Tommy has created a safe 100% proven method to ranking your site, for any keyword, and getting all the free, laser-targeted traffic organic ranking delivers.

Let’s cut to the chase (as Tommy did with me a few nights ago)…

You probably already know… Achieving top rankings in ANY search engine in 2010…

Is all about getting more one way backlinks from quality sites.

Search engines place a huge value on links. The more links you’ve got, and the better quality these links are, the higher you’ll rank.

When sites link to you, they are essentially casting a vote of trust. And the more “quality votes” you get, the more trustworthy your site is to Google, which translates into better rankings.

What you probably also know is getting these quality links can be extremely hard work…and very expensive.

Well, Tommy’s going to show you how to buy links–specifically, how to get 1,000 high quality backlinks each and every month from unique high PR (Page Rank) websites without lifting a finger.

You have to watch the LinxBoss video…it will change the way you look at SEO traffic

Post your thoughts below, please.

LinxBoss Fully Automated SEO Linking

P.S. Case studies coming at 2, 4, and 6 months from now…but don’t wait.

P.S.S. UPDATE (3/11/2011): Links to those case studies will be posted here (actually, I’ve decided to create video demos of our results). Yeah, I’ve been way too busy to put them up but they’re coming or Gary from Beading Software is going to kick my ass.


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