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Dream Of Creating A Mega Authority Site? Here’s How

Dream Of Creating A Mega Authority Site? Here’s HowThere’s a lot of talk about creating website authority, but most advice falls short of the truth. You can’t just go learn about a subject, become an expert overnight, and expect your website to compete.

You can achieve some level of success without being a true expert, but you’ll never compete.

If creating a successful blog isn’t enough and you want to completely dominate your niche, here’s how to do it:

1. Become a real expert

To dominate your niche, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes, even if it requires time.

To become a genuine expert, pursue your subject matter as if you were aiming to be the world’s leading authority. Don’t just gather information from the internet and memorize data. Put yourself in the middle of your niche, in all possible positions, to learn from first-hand experience.

For instance, if your niche is coffee and espresso, it’s not enough to read about the World Barista Championships and learn various ways to grind and brew coffee. If you’ve never been behind an espresso machine serving customers, you don’t know the coffee industry.

Being able to brew a perfect pour over according to your preferences isn’t enough. Only an expert knows the craft well enough to personalize the brewing process for a variety of customer preferences. Only then can you claim expert status.

Being an expert in your niche often requires on-the-job interaction in a customer-facing environment in order to bring your understanding full circle. Don’t be afraid to take on a part-time job to expand your understanding.

2. Be genuinely passionate about your niche

First, ask yourself if the niche you’ve chosen is something you can be passionate about. Be careful not to confuse your passion for domination with a passion for the actual subject matter. Would you be interested in your niche if it didn’t hold the potential to make you money? If not, you’ve chosen the wrong niche.

If you don’t have a driven passion for your subject matter, you’ll never dominate your niche because you’ll give up when things get tough. Passion will drive you forward in tough times.

3. Maintain a distraction-free workplace

On the road to domination, every second counts. You hired people to free up your time, but are you paying them to be distracted?

When your team is distracted or performing unnecessary tasks, you’re paying them to waste time (and money).

Your team may not even know they’re distracted if the systems they’re using aren’t efficient. Maintaining a distraction-free workplace requires refining the processes and systems used by your entire team.

For instance:

  • Your accountant should be using expense tracking software that integrates easily with payroll software to avoid extra work. You could hire a programmer to hack a connection, but that costs time and money.
  • Your network administrator should be that puts the data they need right on their monitor. They shouldn’t be wasting time manually retrieving log files from the server. They’ll do their best work with a live performance monitor to help them catch and resolve issues quickly.

4. Don’t curate content – create it

According to, content curation is “the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter.”

In other words, curating content is gathering and presenting someone else’s content. This works for creating a successful website, but it won’t help you dominate.

To dominate, you need to create authentic, original content with a unique perspective. In order to have a unique perspective to present, you need to be an expert in your niche.

5. Hire a professional copywriter

Everyone thinks they can write their own copy – but the truth is that you need a professional. Copywriters aren’t the same as content writers. A copywriter constructs copy from a marketing perspective and knows how to tell a good story that motivates people to action.

A-list copywriter John Carlton explains how to hire a freelance copywriter the right way. Carlton isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, “… this is gonna be one of the most time-and-money intensive relationships you have in your business. Copy is the MAIN ELEMENT in your ability to attract prospects and close them as customers. (Yes, the quality of what you offer matters… but never forget that the Marketing Graveyard is crammed with superior products that died horrible and fast deaths because no one figured out how to sell them.)”

Master your niche first

At the end of the day, your success depends on mastering your niche with a thorough understanding before attempting to dominate it on the web.

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