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Take This Survey – Win Free Coffee :)


Welcome to the ultimate marriage of obsession (coffee) and business. I put this viral campaign together to create a buzz (pun intended) over the soon-to-be-announced coffee blog I’m starting AND for you to learn a few marketing tricks for your website.  Feel free to steal these ideas for your own products and websites (links to the tools are below the video).

This short 2:00 video explains everything.

MOST IMPORTANT:  You must complete the very short survey below the video then hit the ‘tweet now’ button on the next page to be entered into the free coffee giveaway (and it wouldn’t hurt if you hit the Facebook ‘Like’ button above 😉 )

These are the 3 tools I mention in the video:

  1. Survey forms — Like the one below which I created with Formstack .  (I also use PollDaddy which has a nice WordPress plugin but Formstack has more options)
  2. Facebook ‘Like’ buttons – Click on it…it’s at the top of this Post.  Since Facebook introduced their Open Graph platform recently, websites can benefit from word-of-mouth publicity like never before.  I love it and recommend that you add these ‘Like’ buttons to your site.  If you’re not sure how to do this, post a comment below and I’ll reply to everyone.
  3. ViralTweets – When you answer the questions below and hit ‘submit’ you’ll be taken to a Page where you can send a tweet to all your followers about THIS Page.  When you do, you’re automatically entered to win one of three $25 gift cards to Starbucks.   If you have a good message (like…uh…free coffee for 3 lucky retweeters), your tweet will go viral like nobody’s business.  I’ll followup with results from this little test (you can try ViralTweets for free from this link)
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