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New Facebook Profile All I had to do was watch 3 minutes of Justin Wheeler's demo of his 'Easy FanPage Design' program and I realized this was the answer for anyone who needs to know how to create a new facebook profile fan page. Facebook constantly trades places with Google as the most visited site in the world with more than 600 million active users—and more than half visiting the site daily. Your friends, customers, prospective customers and clients are ALL active on Facebook—you're business should be there too. Even if you’ve been on Facebook for a while, Facebook has been busy overhauling its fan pages (aka “Like

Prigat, a leading company in the Israeli fruit juice market, has come up with one of the most innovative Facebook campaigns you are ever likely to see. The application works by encouraging users to smile more and share it with their friends and the more users smile the more juice gets squeezed in a real life juicer. The best part is all the bottles of squeezed juice are sent to a charity of your choice. (via