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Today's Cool Site of the Day is SmartAss SmartAss is a witty new search engine that delivers clean crisp search results without any sneaky "sponsored" advertising links, has a Talking Donkey that spouts off witticisims and humor, provides money-making prizes for contest hounds and offers the coolest free email address on the web. Take the SmartAss Challenge: use SmartAss in place of your present Search Engine/Homepage for 1 week. SmartAss is betting you'll never go back. To hear and see it all explained in a music video, click here: Go see it and rate it TODAY (Note: if you're seeing this on a date later than

Today's Cool Site of the Day is Pocket Calculator Show "Purpose of Pocket Calculator Show: to collect and celebrate personal memories of all integrated circuit-based consumer products from the electronics revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. Share your original stories related to the golden age of consumer electronics, and together we'll demonstrate why there has never been another era abounding more originality, excitement and SOUL!!!" See it and rate it here (ONLY on the day featured. Otherwise, click the thumbnail image of the website, or visit the Still Cool Archive) -