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Success in small business is never without technology, and technology brings about its own collection of security risks.  Digital security should be one of your top priorities as a small business owner, and there are several different steps you can take to boost protections.   Your small business deals with lots of sensitive information, and leaking the information could really harm your operations.  Take a moment now to read through a few digital security tips for small business owners, and consider beefing up your securities today.   Practice proper password protection Setting passwords for access to your information is a regular part of life today, but do you

Now is the best time ever to be a small business owner, as the digital realm is the world’s second home.  People live a real life, and people live a digital life. Your business simply has to find a way to draw the two together to make the sale.   Digital marketing meets consumers where they live.  A small business with a strong digital marketing campaign will go far.  If you want your business to last, you’ll have to become fluent in digital marketing.  Here are a few foundational things you should know to get your digital presence up to par.   Your business website

Purchasing decisions rest on a variety of factors, including the effectiveness of your website. Your site can exert a huge influence if you know how to invest the time and energy into managing it. A website can be so much more than just a conduit to make sales; it can strengthen your entire business plan if it sports the right design. Being able to generate purchasing decisions demands strategic planning. Here are some design and content tips that can help you come up with a website that drives sales. Write Detailed Product Pages Customers want information about your products and services. That’s one way to stand out

GoDaddy is a website builder made popular through its risky media strategies and excellent branding. It can be a great builder for your custom website, but, like any complex website platform, you want to make sure you understand it. 1. Choose Your Plan GoDaddy offers a variety of DIY website building plans at varying price points. The four most basic plans include Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store. The GoDaddy pricing structure is fair and well-reasoned, so when you pay for more support and services, the price will naturally increase. The Personal plan is the most basic, and it includes website hosting, 24/7 support,

You probably monitor traffic numbers on your website closely, but high traffic doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a decent conversion rate as well. If your conversions are lower than you’d like, tackle that by signing up for funnel tracking and an A/B testing solution to identify the potential weaknesses of your site. These tools will also highlight any positive shift in response to your conversion tactics. At that point, you should consider using the following six strategies to boost your conversions even further. 1. Work on Your Homepage It’s true that most of your conversion moments will occur on landing or product

Job security is somewhat of a myth; no job is truly secure. The concept of job security sounds wonderful but is heavily misleading. Although definitions vary, Collins Dictionary defines job security as “assurance that you will be able to work in your job as long as you please and will not become unemployed.” Under this definition, at-will employment where an employer can terminate you for no reason doesn’t count as job security. Laws exist to prevent unlawful termination, but such laws become irrelevant when your boss can fire you without reason. Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as job security because nothing is guaranteed – not

If you’re trying to build a successful tattoo business today, you have to know how to do more than ink up someone’s arm. A tattoo shop is just like any other business in that it requires you to excel in marketing, sales, customer service, and a variety of other aspects of business. Specifically, you must understand how to develop and optimize your website for maximum exposure. 4 Website Optimization Tips Website optimization is something many people dedicate their entire professional careers to, so it’s clearly not something you’re going to master in a few minutes. Having said that, there’s some low hanging fruit you can