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8 Tips for Finally Making Money with Your Fashion Blog

8 Tips for Finally Making Money with Your Fashion BlogA blog is a lot of fun at the beginning, but if you’re not making money, it’s hard to sustain. Most blogs have the potential for monetization as long as you have the right strategies working for you. If you’re tired of making pennies from your fashion blog, here are some things you might consider:

1. Sign Up for Ad Networks

One of the most popular ways to monetize a blog is through advertisements on your website. When your site visitors click or interact with an ad in a certain way, you make money.

You could sell ad space independently, but it’s easier to sign up with established advertising networks. Some of the best include:

  • Google AdSense
  • Chitka
  • Lijit
  • BlogAds
  • PropellerAds
  • Infolinks

Do your research on each of these networks to find the best deal. Some ad networks will perform better than others. Some will also cost more with fewer benefits, so look for one that offers equally advantageous gains.

2. Let Others Handle the Revenue

If you love taking photographs, experiencing the latest trends, and sharing with others more than you like worrying about the money, you can hand that portion over to someone else. Companies like the Income Store, buy existing sites and turn them into revenue-generating machines. You could also have them build you a revenue-generating website from scratch that you maintain total control over.

3. Sell Products or Services

You probably have a variety of product ideas or services to offer the general public. You might start your own clothing line or boutique. You could also sell your fashion consultant services. You’ve probably become pretty good at photography since the start of your blog, and could sell that as well.

Selling products and services through your blog will require a lot more work than passive income, but if that’s a challenge that excites you, you’ll enjoy high profits from your efforts.

4. Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs allow you to earn commission from certain products that you recommend. They might be from other bloggers in your sphere or from major companies. All you have to do is mention the product with a link to the site, and you’ll earn commission every time someone makes a purchase using your link.

Like ad networks, affiliate linking strategies can be done on your own, but they’re more likely to yield success through affiliate programs. Here’s a list that’s tailored towards a fashion blogger’s repertoire.

  • LinkShare
  • Rewards Style
  • ShareASale
  • ShopSense
  • Commission Junction
  • Ebay Enterprise
  • Kontera
  • Clickbank

Again, make sure that you’re getting the most advantageous deal. Some of these sites may offer better rewards than others, so do a little research first.

5. Use Instagram

Instagram is one of the most valuable social sites for fashion bloggers. According to Harper’s Bazaar, designer brands spend more than $1 billion a year sponsoring Instagram posts. You can get in on some of that action by implementing excellent Instagram marketing strategies.

There are many strategies for becoming well known on Instagram, including negotiating exclusives with advertisers, working with agents, and using influencers. But the most important strategy involves regularly posting to your Instagram account and increasing your following. From there, you’ll develop media attention that will naturally lead to increased readership and revenue.

6. Write Reviews

Just like companies will pay for affiliate links, they’ll also pay for positive product reviews. Network with other bloggers, fashion designers, and other industry product developers to try products and review them on your blog.

The goal here is to be genuine in what you write. Don’t endorse products you don’t approve of. Readers will be able to tell that you’re not passionate about the product, and your blog will lose credibility.

7. Hold Seminars and Classes

As an expert in the fashion niche, you’re qualified to teach classes and hold seminars for a small fee. Other bloggers in your niche, devoted followers, and those truly invested in the fashion realm will be your target audience here. You can leave an excellent impression on your constituents, as well as put a little more cash in your pocket.

8. Befriend Fashion Agencies and Brands

If you’ve developed a strong following, the next step is reaching out to fashion agencies and clothing brands. This is one of the most exciting parts of monetizing your blog, since it will give you a chance to connect with some of your favorite brands.

Ask to be added to brands’ media lists and reach out to smaller, up-and-coming clothing brands that will appreciate a little extra PR. Brands will pay good money to use your blog for word-of-mouth marketing.

Despite what you’ve been told, you can create a highly monetizing blog out of a hobby. If fashion is your life, it’s time to quit your day job and make this your money making method.

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