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5 Clickable Ways To Help Make The World A Better Place!

Start clicking!….

Play a game and help end world hunger!

Visit and give your brain a work out. Choose from 6 categories and get started playing. For each answer your get right, will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program! In a little over 2 minutes of playing I donated 150 grains of rice. Awesome!

Send an eCard

With holiday season upon us, what better way to help others in need then by sending friends and family an eCard. For each FREE Care2 eCard you send, will donate to great organizations promoting safe drinking water, carbon offsets, and much more. Spread love and laughter while saving the world.

Upload One Photo!

Visit and upload up to 3 photos a day relating to wind and GE will turn those photos into real donations. Each photo uploaded will generate 4.5 KW hours of clean energy! The goal is to reach 10,000 Wind photo uploads before the end of the year which will generate 45,000 kw hours of wind turbine powered electricity. Have a picture flying a kite? Awesome. Wind-blown hair? That works too!

Pick a Cause and Click Away

Choose your cause through and get started. For each activity you participate in, whether picking which item you can’t leave home without, or your favorite type of sneakers, you’ll earn points and a donation will be made through a major brand such as Nike or CoverGirl.

Start Tweeting

If you don’t tweet, now’s the time to start! When your tweet includes #ToMamaWithLove and/or, a $1 donation will be made to help raise funds to build schools, homes, and morale for a community in need.

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