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3 Software Companies That Get Web Design Right

3 Software Companies That Get Web Design RightWeb design trends come and go, but the most successful software companies seem to prosper regardless of evolving stylistic trends. That’s because they understand what makes their customers tick and how they can best serve their needs.

3 Good Examples From Other Software Companies

Software websites are often unique in the sense that they have to convey a lot of information – clearly explaining what their product does and how it’s unique when compared to other options – but they still have to take into account the need for simplicity and minimalism.

Here are three good examples of what this looks like when executed to perfection.


The first thing you’ll notice when you land on this invoice making website is that it’s clean. Not only is there a lot of negative space, but the images are crisp, the typeface stands out, and everything seems to fuse together for a cohesive look. On the homepage, in particular, the web design strategy does a fine job of incorporating lots of information without being overwhelming.


The Evernote website is a prime example of how valuable it is to cut out the fluff and emphasize the key points of the software. The page is predominantly made up of white space, while the limited text and visuals effectively convey the key value points. The sign-up form on the homepage is particularly well placed and makes it easy for anyone to sign up without risk or delay.


The Lithium website is another website worth studying – particularly if you have software that’s challenging to understand. The above-the-fold design on the homepage is simple and eye-popping, while the below-the-fold design is very practical and informative. Once again, whitespace plays a key role in eliminating unnecessary distractions and allowing the critically important elements to stand out.

Software Web Design: Tips, Tricks, and Takeaways

As you can see in the three examples, it’s possible to design a software website that’s both aesthetically pleasing and informative. As you look for ways to improve your own site design, here are some helpful tips, tricks, and takeaways to consider.

  • Show proof. Regardless of what type of software you’re selling, your audience has choices. If they don’t like what you’re offering, there’s almost always an alternative. In order to gain the trust of your site visitors and encourage them to choose you, integrate as much social proof into your website as possible.
  • Explain features. Instead of going into detail about every single feature your software has, pick a few of the most attractive ones and focus on them. It’s better to provide in-depth analysis of three features than surface-level information on seven or eight.
  • Design for multiple devices. Remember that your visitors access your website from a variety of browser types and devices. In order to deliver a seamless experience that’s visually pleasing and highly functional, be sure the site is responsive.
  • Always test and change. Finally, web design isn’t something you check off on a list and forget about. Consumer preferences change, styles evolve, and best practices come and go. To maximize conversions, you should continually test your site and adjust accordingly. You’ll be amazed by how tiny tweaks can make such a big difference to the bottom line.

Web design is always challenging, no matter the industry, but it’s particularly difficult when you’re selling an intangible product like software. The demand for minimalism means you can’t say everything you want to say, while the consumer’s desire for information requires that you’re thorough. With the tips and examples highlighted in this article, you should be able to give it your best shot.

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