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May 2019

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One of the most important things that you can concentrate on when it comes to successful e-commerce and digital marketing is your use of words and phrases in the digital realm. How do you imagine that people find you online? How do you imagine that automated algorithms rate you? It all has to do with the words and phrases that you used to describe things and the content that you put up in various places on your websites. So, for this maximum attention and effect, what can you do immediately to help out your promotions and advertising? First of all, brush up on your

Now is the best time ever to be a small business owner, as the digital realm is the world’s second home.  People live a real life, and people live a digital life. Your business simply has to find a way to draw the two together to make the sale.   Digital marketing meets consumers where they live.  A small business with a strong digital marketing campaign will go far.  If you want your business to last, you’ll have to become fluent in digital marketing.  Here are a few foundational things you should know to get your digital presence up to par.   Your business website

Building a business website that draws the attention of your target consumer is a crucial part of running a successful operation.  The internet has become such an intricate part of the daily lives of the masses that building a business website is no longer a request; it’s a must.   You can’t just build a prefab website and leave it, either.  There are certain design elements that should be present on your business website before you will reach any level of digital success.   Take a moment now to check out a quick look at some SEO tips and tricks for your business website design,