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June 2010

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Today's Cool Site of the Day is The Swinger Today's Cool Site of the Day comes from The Observer's VSL editors. Have you ever wondered what a classic Beatles ballad might sound like with a swing beat? How about a heavy-metal Metallica number? Thanks to Tristan Jehan, now there’s The Swinger, which takes just about any song and changes its rhythm into swing. See it and rate it here -

Today's Cool Site of the Day is is the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date source of drug information online. Providing free, peer-reviewed, accurate and independent advice on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products. See it and rate it here -

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Today's Cool Site of the Day is IAN Project The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is an innovative online project bringing together tens of thousands of people nationwide affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and hundreds of researchers in a search for answers. See it and rate it here -

Today's Cool Site of the Day is IndieGoGo IndieGoGo is a collaborative way to fund ideas. Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, choice, and action, IndieGoGo strides to provide any idea (creative, cause or entrepreneurial) the tools and process to raise money, offer perks and keep 100% ownership. See it and rate it here -