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October 2008

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My live webcast, Cool Talk begins in about an hour (1:30PM EST).I hope you'll join me because the first 3 callers will go live with me and get to ask any questions related to their online/web marketing efforts.In addition, I'm going to discuss the following:How to quickly and easily build an seo friendly Amazon affiliate site using WMC's Amazon Site Generator.How to use Google's Keyword Tool to best advantage.How a call with the braniacs at PicLits sparked some great ideas for community building for ANY site.Finally, again, video testimonials can only advance the success of your site and marketing efforts.

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Today's Cool Site of the Day:TvRadioCat!TVRadioCat Internet project was created two years ago by a group of people that have been in TV and radio media business for many years. The main objective of TVRadioCat is to offer wide opportunities for searching TV and radio stations throughout the world. Today TVRadioCat database covers over 90% of all TV and radio stations worldwide. All the information is thoroughly sorted and gets verified on a regular basis, which allows to maintain a high performance level of working links. Every record in tvradiocat database has detailed information about the relevant media source, which includes but