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Your Business Stress Ends Today

Happy Tuesday!

And a great day it is….later today I will post details about the private Q&A sessions that I’ll be hosting for all those who registered for the Arbitrage Conspiracy.

Also, tomorrow I will share my EUREKA moment that I mentioned last week (related to PPC and lead generation).

But for today, it’s all about ONE thing…..

I was notified last night that Stompernet’s FormulaFIVE will re-open TODAY at 4pm Eastern.

Andy Jenkins and Paul Lemberg have created FormulaFIVE for those who continue to ‘leave money on the table’ and haven’t figured out how to get it. FormulaFIVE is like adding a high-priced consultant to your team for a fraction of the cost. Here are some highlights:

  1. When FormulaFIVE was in beta, its beta testers made an additional $2 million over 3 months.
  2. The Blog: Chock full of testimonials from folks that used F5 techniques from the pre-launch videos: Check it out here.

  3. Pre-Launch Video 1: Dead Simple – this video made folks a LOT of money – and it’s completely FREE: View it here.

  4. Pre-Launch Video 2: MBA in a Box – this video has more great, easy techniques for you: View it here.

I could go on and on about what FormulaFIVE is but I’ve decided to share this space with Andy Jenkins, one of the creators, and let him explain it in his words (I’ve never done this before but have decided to today based on Andy’s integrity and the strength of this program)….

FROM: Andy Jenkins
RE: Compelling Survey Data – “I’ve made a BIG decision”

After reading more than 181 survey emails (some of them
were 3 pages long), I’ve made a “Pay-it-Forward” decision.

Last Thursday, a woman named Cheryl Antier fired up a
thread in the
FormulaFIVE client portal that blew my hair back.

The title was: “WOW – I just made $10,000”

It stopped me COLD. More on that in a second.

I went back to reading email after email from the survey of
people who DID NOT buy

It was depressing.

It was depressing because virtually ALL of them (I’m talking
172 out of 181 people) said essentially the same thing:

“I would LOVE to have FormulaFIVE, but I just can’t
afford it right now.”

Over and over again, the same message, and the same
question: “Can you do anything to make this system
more affordable?”

I went back to the FormulaFIVE portal to see if there was
any background information on Cheryl. I wanted to know if
she did anything special, or had any special qualifications
because she had only been a
FormulaFIVE client for 4

But I ended up seeing something else entirely – another
thread, this one from Matthew Jones:

“…the email has brought in 24 sales in just a few
hours and $7,488. Not bad for 10 minutes work…”

This was nuts because FormulaFive hadn’t even
formally started yet.
I replied with a “BOOYA” of
congratulations, hit ‘submit’…


Matthew Glanfield (He’s an affiliate marketer)

“… I can project and increase of about $10,207.80
(yes, he calculated it out to the eighty cents) just from
those two changes
(He italicized the words, too)

After reading survey email after survey email where
amazing, honest people who were NOT asking for a
handout – just a helping hand…

I made a decision.

–> On Tuesday, 1-27-09 (tomorrow), I’m going to reveal a
SPECIAL Recession Buster Plan for FormulaFIVE. And
when I say SPECIAL, I mean it.

FormulaFIVE will be so affordable that practically
anyone can find that bit extra that it takes to be a
FormulaFive client.

And there’s even more help on the way. It’s coming from a
New Module called:

–> “FormulaSIX – The Product Producer”

Here’s the thing, when you read every word of a
survey response – your customers TELL you what they
want – what they need. And more than a handful of you
have asked for help with Product Creation, of every

Here’s an excerpt f
rom the FormulaSIX description:

“If you’ve ever needed a systematic way to create red-hot
products and services that your customers are eager to
buy, this course will revolutionize your process.

  • It doesn’t matter if you sell one thing or a thousand
  • It doesn’t matter if you sell information, are a
    professional, sell services, or physical products.
  • It doesn’t matter if you sell big ticket or small ticket
  • It doesn’t matter if you sell your own hand-made
    goods or drop-ship someone else’s…

… The Product Producer will give you the keys to
create an unlimited supply of cash-generating products
that your customers WANT to buy, over and over again.”

And FormulaSIX is now included in the FormulaFIVE

I’m gonna ask you just a question – and I want you to think
about it.

Have an honest look at how much money your business is
making you. Is it where you want? If the answer is “No”,
then why are you going to keep doing the same things?

I remember when cash was ultra-tight for me. And it was
during those times when just a handful of people extended
their generosity and gave me an opportunity. The
“Recession Busting Plan” and “FormulaSIX – The Product
Producer” is my way of returning that Favor.


WHEN: Tuesday 4pm Eastern (US), 1-27-09


Andy Jenkins

P.S. This guy here obviously works on Sundays… Here’s
FormulaFIVE client:

From Tom Woodcock: “…last week’s changes are on
track to make us an extra $20,000 dollars. (I love the
word extra!)”

Don’t forget to tell us what you think on the The Stomper Blog.
Leave us a comment, ask a question, whatever you like!

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

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