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    August 11, 2010

    Cool Site of the Day

    Its a little complicated, and there are a lot of factors that come into play when Google ranks a site. One thing to keep in mind is that Google does not release the algorithm for ranking sites, so getting high Google rank is not an exact science.

    Make sure that your keywords appear in your page title and page description. Also make sure they appear in the text on your page.

    Think about what search terms people type in to find a site like yours. Try to match the entire search terms on your site instead of just individual words. For instance, if your blog is about installing air conditioners, you want the words ‘installing air conditioners’ to appear on your site. As well as other variations that other people might search for. Such as ‘air conditioner installation’ and ‘how to install air conditioners’ , etc etc.

    Also go to this site and check your keyword density and relevance:=

    Its an awesome tool. Just type in your URL and it will show you what keywords you have and where thye appear. You want your important terms to appear more than your less important terms, and you want important phrases to appear at least a couple times.

    But be aware of ‘keyword stuffing’ – which is stuffing a ton of keywords into your site in an attempt to fool search engines. Google can read right through this, so dont overdo your keywords, and make sure they appear in relevant text.

    Theres a ton of other stuff as well that you can do to raise rankings. Google search for ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO, and you will find a bunch of relevant sites.

    Whew. Sorry for the long post, but I have been doing SEO for my company’s websites recently and a lot of this stuff is fresh on my mind.

    Good luck!

  • Cool Site of the Day

    There’s no trick to it, no simple secret.

    The previous answerer had the right start with putting the keywords in your title tag. For the record, keyword density is not a factor used by search engines, but it is important to use the keywords in heading tags (h1, h2, etc).

    The biggest factor in ranking for keywords is getting links to your website with those keywords in the anchor text. This is the only sure way to rank highly for those keywords. As you can imagine getting more links than Best Buy (or a similar high-powered website) for a high ranked term like “ipod” would take a lot of work….a lot of work.

    Check out They give great SEO advice on their blog, and they have a great beginnner’s guide for learning how to rank your site well.

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    August 14, 2010

    WordPress Like a Pro

    There are many possible answers, and a lot will depend on your website, your software (platform) and the number of competing websites that have similar content that also want the very same Google first rankings that you seem to covet.

    Apparently, it is even possible to get your company web pages to show up more than once on a Google or Yahoo hit page.

    It probably won’t be free nor cheap to accomplish.

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