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Website optimization (or Search Engine Optimization – SEO) can send shivers down the spine of any Internet marketer or webmaster but I can tell you, after years on the Web, there’s not much mystery to this ‘near’ science.  In fact, there are just 4 things that matter:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On Page Factors / Site Structure (SEO Copywriting)
  3. Off Page Factors (Link Building)
  4. Tracking Your Efforts!

….and they’re all easily accomplished with…

The right SEO tools:

The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting – to learn the essential basics and more of what you absolutely MUST do for each of your pages.

ScribeSEO – those of you using WordPress…this is a great plugin to make sure you don’t neglect the essence of SEO copywriting scribseo

Free SEO Videos – available to everyone.  20 in all.  Don’t miss.

Internet Business Promoter – I can’t say enough about what this tool does; in a nutshell, it looks at your website or page and the keyword for which you’re trying to rank then it analyzes your top 10 competitors (those ranking higher than you)  for that keyword and tells you exactly what you need to do (in terms of ‘on page’ factors) to rank higher.  When you first run this program, your jaw will drop to the floor.

SEOmoz lot of tools to help you understand SEO fully and do link building right.

SheerSEO this is my secret weapon.  Track all of your efforts WITH EASE.  The time I save with this website is RIDICULOUS, the insights gained, INSANE.  Read my review.

SEO Cockpit another GREAT tracking tool; doesn’t have everything SheerSEO has BUT it integrates your web stats.  Sweet.

LinkDiagnosis – an excellent free tool to see who is linking to you.  Lots of other cool features. Read our review of Link Diagnosis.

LinxBoss – Sometimes you just have to buy links, I haven’t found a nicer interface or, more importantly, a better price for quality inbound links (hello, better Google ranking!)

SubmitEaze – You can submit to directories (still worth doing) using SheerSEO but if you want to hit ALL the directories, SubmitEaze is the way to go.  Nice feature: Directory Detective–after you submit your site to a boatload of directories you can run a report and see how many submissions actually went through successfully.

Traffic Geyser – so much more than a tool to distribute your videos (which help with your keyword rankings), Traffic Geyser distributes your videos (transcriptions of your videos, podcasts of your videos, links to your videos) to approximately 60 video directories, article directories, podcast directories, and social bookmarking sites. Plus, you can setup multiple accounts at each site and multiply your efforts; with a little effort you can have thousands of links back to your content.  Don’t have videos?  No worries; Traffic Geyser has plenty of tools and instruction on creating videos FAST.   Watch their demo videos to learn more and sign up for their free trial.  Crazy great tool if done right.

Virtual Assistants – you must not spend YOUR time on link building (making link requests, submitting to directories); this is a job for an assistant or two.  I have found and hired several assistants overseas (my batting average is only .300 but the three that remain with me are stars….my life is much easier with their very affordable help.  Oh yeah, I found them through ReplaceMyself )

Now, you need to bookmark this page because I’m going to be recording short, excellent tutorials on the use of each.

To your success,