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Mike Corso,
Cool Site of the Day


Classic Web Site Donates Portion of Proceeds from NextCard Affiliates Program to the Violence Policy Center

Chappaqua, NY (March 14, 2001) -  In the wake of last week's San Diego school shooting, Mike Corso, the owner of Cool Site of the Day, has decided to use his Site's popularity and reach to support the Violence Policy Center, a national non-profit organization working to fight firearms violence through research, education, and advocacy.

In an open letter to all Americans, Corso declared that he would donate a portion of his site's commissions from the NextCard Affiliates Program to the Violence Policy Center (for the full text, see  Alternatively, you can send a blank email message to this autoresponder to receive the full text via email:

According to Corso, "Rather than plod along with a sense of helplessness over the tragic event in San Diego, I've decided to use the Internet in a unique way to do some good."

Effective immediately, Cool Site of the Day will donate $10 to the Violence Policy Center for every person who applies for and is approved for a NextCard Visa credit card via

NextCard pays affiliate sites like Cool Site of the Day a commission for each new customer referral that is approved.  Applying for the card is free and fast, and approvals are made in under 30 seconds.  Corso emphasizes "Even though it will never cost you a penny, a generous donation will be made to a very deserving organization simply because you were approved for this card."  At the end of each month, Cool Site of the Day will post the total amount of money raised for the Violence Policy Center. 

NextCardís Affiliates program, one of the largest of its kind, includes a network in excess of 75,000 member sites.

Corso implores his visitors and newsletter readers to spread the word: "With a strong word-of-mouth, I know we can impact the lives of many children and young adults in a positive way."  In response to skeptics who claim that he is using the tragic events of last week to his own profitable end, Corso replies "My goal in all business is to attach a socially responsible message/action to our 'sales' effort whenever possible.  In this case, I was particularly moved to action.   I believe that doing something is better than doing nothing."

Any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas are welcomed by Mike Corso at either or by calling 914.238.6874.



The Violence Policy Center is a national non-profit organization working to fight firearms violence through research, education, and
advocacy. As a gun control think tank, the VPC analyzes a wide range of current firearm issues and provides information to policymakers, journalists, public health professionals, grassroots activists, and members of the general public.



Cool Site of the Day is a unique Internet guide that features great sites and the best deals on the Web.  Its daily 'Cool Site of the Day' award and the annual 'Cool Site of the Year' awards are the most coveted awards sought by web sites throughout the world.  Cool Site of the Day  also publishes effective online marketing tips and advice via its newsletters and web site.



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