An Open Letter to Every American
from the Owner of Cool Site of the Day

Hello, I am Mike Corso, the owner of Cool Site of the Day.  This message has little to do with Cool Site of the Day.  This message is about you and me and the country we live in (apologies to my non-US readers).

As I sit in my home office in Westchester, NY, I'm troubled and disgusted by the recent outbreak of school shootings.  Rather than plod along with a sense of helplessness over the tragic events in California, I've decided to use the Internet in a unique way to do some good. But I need your help.

Effective immediately, Cool Site of the Day, with the help of its corporate sponsor, NextCard Visa, will donate $10 to the Violence Policy Center for every person who applies for and is approved for a NextCard Visa card.

Again, for EVERY person (you, your friend, your business associate, your neighbor, your relative, anyone on your mailing list, visitors to your web site... ANYONE) who applies and is approved for the NextCard Visa card, we will donate at least $10 to the Violence Policy Center. The Violence Policy Center is a national non-profit organization working to fight firearms violence through research, education, and advocacy.

Applying for the card is free and fast, and approvals are made in under 30 seconds. Even though it will never cost you a penny, a generous donation will be made to a very deserving organization simply because you were approved for this card.

So, PLEASE, apply for the NextCard Visa card NOW.  Within one month we will post the total amount of money raised for the Violence Policy Center.  This campaign will run indefinitely and results will continue to be updated as long as you continue to respond to this opportunity.

With a strong word-of-mouth, I know we can impact the lives of many children and young adults in a positive way.

This effort will only be successful if you pass this message along to as many people as possible.  Please forward the URL of this page ( to your friends and family, your business associates and anyone else you can think of.  If you run a web site or send out a newsletter, please share this opportunity with your visitors and readers as well.

Finally, in response to any skeptics who claim that I am using the tragic events of a school shooting to my own profitable end, I say that my goal in all business is to attach a socially responsible message/action to our 'sales' effort whenever possible.  In this case, I was particularly moved to action.   I believe that doing something is better than doing nothing.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, ideas or would just like to chat, please don't hesitate to call me on my toll-free number: 800-504-9985.


Mike Corso
Cool Site of the Day
"The Best Deals, the Best Sites on the Web"

P.S.  Not sure if you need the NextCard Visa card?  Maybe you don't, but that's not what's important.  What's important is that in 5 minutes you will generate $10 for the Violence Policy Center, an organization whose work is so desperately needed in our society.  All I'm asking for is 5 minutes of your time.  Let's make something great happen.  Complete the short application now.

Want more info? Read the press release.

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Violence Policy CenterThe Violence Policy Center is a national non-profit organization working to fight firearms violence through research, education, and advocacy. As a gun control think tank, the VPC analyzes a wide range of current firearm issues and provides information to policy makers, journalists, public health professionals, grassroots activists, and members of the general public.


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