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Track Trends with Yahoo! Clues

This Yahoo! Search tool is truly awesome. Yahoo! Clues allows users to track online trends, demographics and much more simply by typing in a search term. Clue gives users a deeper understanding of the who, what, and where that are behind different searches, whether popular or not-so-popular.

Visit Yahoo! Clues

See who is searching your website or blog and compare the information to other keywords or terms that others are searching as well. This expansion of Yahoo Search lets users explore how people are actually using Yahoo’s search engine.

Check out a search term’s popularity over time, who is searching where, and much more. Their side-by-side comparison tool also lets you see information for two different search terms.

This tool is also great for tips on improving your search results, search indexing and ranking and much more.

Get your Clue now!

  • Trump Network
    March 1, 2011

    I love it when there’s a cool tool that I’ve never even heard of. Will check out the clues now.

  • St Louis Web Marketing
    March 1, 2011

    Great! Thanks for the tip on the cool tool!

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