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Want to know the origin of an image file, but can’t seem to trace it? Ever wonder where else your image has been used on the web? Then Tineye is the site to visit. allows you to either upload your own image or type in the URL where you found it, and voila…you have successfully “reverse image searched” your logo, poster, even an image of a gas price!

Visit also features the Idée Lab, which showcases awesome visual search technologies. Other tools on this site include, their visual search lab to check out never-before-seen combo’s of web images, the BYO Image Search Lab – where users can upload their personal images to see what it resembles on the web, and the Multicolour Search Lab – where you can search over 10 million Creative Commons images from Flickr.

For on-the-fly image searches, you can also check out the Tineye plug-in and widget which allows you to search directly from your browser. Check out now and get your reverse search started!

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