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Thursday Hotlist

How’s that for a title?

Well, I’ve got three things to share today and they’re all sizzling 😉

First, through the end of the year, I’m offering a deep discount on my one-on-one consultations and site analyses. Let’s work together to make sure you start 2009 on sound footing. My 60-minute calls are designed to do three things:

  1. Improve traffic to your site
  2. Turn your visitors into subscribers or customers
  3. Make sure you’re adding the right content to your site

Second, as you know, since my trip to Las Vegas last month, I have shifted my business almost entirely to pay per click advertising and lead generation. If you’ve read the 27-page report at The Arbitrage Conspiracy you know why (btw, that report is free so GO GET IT).

Many of you have already registered for the course via my link and will receive a $100 gift card from me for doing so (which also instantly qualifies you to become a member of my VIP Pay Per Click Mastermind Group; details here).

Anyway, I know they’re going to limit the number of people who can take advantage of this INSANE opportunity so don’t waiver. Here’s your date with destiny:

Finally, join me today for my live webcast at 1:30PM EST for a discussion on pay per click advertising, affiliate programs (big tip here), and more. Plus, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions related to your website and Internet marketing.



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