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The Cool Talk Panel of Experts

My weekly LIVE call-in webcast, Cool Talk, begins every Thursday at 1:30PM EST.

Each week I am joined by Markus Allen of Stump Markus and Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing, two giant online marketing minds freely sharing their most prized tips, strategies and methods for running web sites and mastering online marketing.

Markus Allen

For a boatload of crafty marketing tips, I highly recommend that you tune in to Markus’ live podcast, Stump Markus.

They say there’s ‘no free lunch’? Listening to Markus Allen deliver a free brain dump for 90 minutes is about as good a deal as you’re gonna find anywhere.

Even better, be sure to get the 30-day free trial to his Marketing Junkies Inner Circle membership — it’s a steal at just $19 monthly.

Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie started Portent Interactive in 1995. His diverse background includes degrees in History and Law, experience as an information designer, graphic designer, marketing copywriter and programmer, two years working in a bicycle shop, and a brief stint as a political hack. As a child he used a TRS-80 Model One to print out fliers advertising his lawn mowing business. The rest is history.

Ian is the firm’s chief internet marketing strategist and tactician. Read Ian’s internet marketing blog, or see where Ian’s presented recently here.

Don’t miss this chance
to get free expert advice (or just a kick in the pants) to move your online business in a very forward, very positive direction. Listen to previous episodes or register for the next show from the widget below.

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