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    "You are great! Thanks!...I did get many new members and incredible traffic....I have to tell you I have been enjoying the "echo" effect of being listed as Cool Site of the Day. Since the mention, has been picked up by various big newsletters and even a radio station today. I am gaining many new members from this great "rippling" effect!....I have known about Cool Site of the Day for quite a few years and thank you for providing such a fun avenue of surfing the web!"
                               -- Wendy Shepherd,,

“Wow, I had no idea that Cool Site of the Day would generate so many hits. received 25,267 hits the day we were featured.  This was the most effective promotional money we've ever spent..."
                           -- Steve P., Founder
“Just a quick word to say ‘wow’! Being Cool Site of the Day on 27th July was incredible...we had our busiest day by far (well over 1000 brand new unique visitors thanks to CSotD) with many subscribing to our forthcoming newsletter and even more sending email recommendations and 'Fnaffle cards'. It'll be interesting to watch the stats over the next week or so to see how the usage holds up but its looking great right now.”
                 -- Jon Cooper,
"Hey, thanks for selecting Bud Uglly as Cool Site of the Day. We got like a bazillion hits and nobody broke anything. You have some very well behaved visitors. I poked through your archives (been off the web for a while) and there's no doubt that you're still the best at what you do."
                 -- Erich V,
THANKS FOR ALL THAT TRAFFIC!!! I was hoping for a decent response but not expecting the landslide we received! Being "Cool Site of the Day" allowed us to gauge/test market our interest to totally neutral people. Amazingly we were able to get hundreds of people to sign up on our mailing list in just one day and we were voted one of your top 5 sites for the month! So thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say enough good things about my "Cool Site of the Day" experience.”
                 -- Bo Blaze, (featured on May 23 2002)
 "My tracking report shows an increase of about 52,000 hits. That's about 10 times the number of hits that I get in a day."
                 -- Don Rosenblit, Collywood Productions
"Thanks so much, this is great!! The Cool Site of the Day generated about 50,000 extra hits for us and is still sending some visitors our way (we won for June 6). I can only imagine what Cool Site of the Month could new goal is 2 million hits in a month. Cool Site of the Month would go a long way to helping us reach that goal."
                 -- Frank Baxter,
"When I won the 'Cool Site of the Day' award I was getting 400 unique hits per day....Naturally, when I got 2,000 in just one day from Cool Site of the Day, I was  delighted!  Hundreds of  e-mails came in that day and they haven't let up since; even though my site was featured almost two  years ago, I'm still getting traffic!"
                 -- "The Digital Dude"
"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quantity and quality of traffic that I received being a Cool Site of the Day! To make the list is an honor that I have been after for two years and I thank you. The spike in traffic is  terrific and it's the best value for money that I have spent online and after two months, I am still receiving traffic. Regards,"
                 -- Sylvia Myers,
"Our web traffic had a great jump in March thanks to the Cool Site of  the Month nomination -- it was great exposure! Our traffic that month jumped from a high of 450,000 hits in January to 610,000 in March when we were nominated....that is by far the biggest jump we've gotten in a single month.  Thanks again for all of your help!"
                 -- Marie Jorgensen, MJORGENSEN@NPCA.ORG
"Thanks again for featuring yesterday on your site....Our site received 10 times its normal traffic the day you featured our site, and today the traffic is still flowing in. This has been by far the best promotional dollars we have ever spent."
                 -- Max Spankie,
                 -- TOP DOG, Collywood Productions
"We had more than 28000 hits and more than 8000 visits, thank you for all that, this was a great day for us...Thanks again for your help and your support."
                 -- Maurizio, M.
"We firmly believe that we will continue to reap the benefits of being Cool Site of the Day for a very long time.  The wide exposure that we have received from it, however, has enabled us to share our photographic vision with many people we would otherwise not have reached... Your suggestions for improvement of our site were excellent, and spurred us to make what we think are significant changes...We hope that, in this day of expensive, commercially produced, flashy sites, you will always be on the look out for other small, private sites like ours that nevertheless have something valuable to offer."
                 -- John G.,
"Thank you again -- this time for featuring Evolution as a Cool Site of the Day last week. I just checked the stats on this site for last week and you guys were the #1 top referring URL and domain for the week. The producers of the site were really happy with the traffic that the feature generated."
                 -- Carol Snyder Dufault at
“Thank you for selecting as "Cool Site of the Day"!....Since we launched, our traffic volume has been steadily increasing, but the day we were listed as Cool Site for the Day was our biggest traffic day yet! The following day was also one of our best...The volume generated by being Cool Site of the Day contributed to an increase in member registrations, and in sales of our custom bumper stickers.”
                 -- John Serb,
“WOW... a 40% click through rating! Thanks--it was a great experience and I got a LOT of exposure.
                 -- Dave Archambault,
“Wow !! ... On September 15th 2001, you featured my site "" on your "Cool Site Of The Day"... And this is how "" found out about Colorwize and featured it on their "Cool Site List" on September 18th 2001 - I received 5,245 visitors that day !! ...Today joined the bandwagon and featured my site on their "site of the day"...How can I say thanks to "" ??? Thank you - Thank you - and Thank you!!!”
                 -- Luke Thomas,
"My hits which averaged around 1,500-3,000 jumped to 21,600. Cool Site of the Day is like having a detour on the internet directing traffic to your site alone. Very cool indeed."
                 -- Von R. Glitschka,
"Thank you very much for selecting ZUG the Cool Site of the Day. We received a nice boost of traffic, and it was much appreciated."
                 -- John Hargrave,
"Thanks very much for the amazing traffic from your website!!!  Nothing to say!! It's unbelievable !!”
                 -- Tanapon Subsomboon, CEO of
"We run The Mighty Organ for our own (and, hopefully, others') amusement, so we were delighted to get so many new visitors after being featured as Site of the Day on 2 January. Thanks!"
                 -- Val Stevenson, The Mighty Organ
"Thanks very much for selecting as cool site of the month !! Our web traffic had a amazing great jump...Thanks again.... for all your help!"
                 -- Tanapon Subsomboon, CEO of
“Keep up the good work. You really have a winner of a site, and what a way to help new sites generate the traffic they need when they 1st launch.”
                 -- John Howarth,

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