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Hey, join me and Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling on Cool Talk this Thursday. This promises to be a website design and Internet marketing 'how-to' like none you've ever experienced.On the agenda: to help Jackie take his to the next level. We'll be sharing email, seo, and social media marketing tips and strategies up the yin yang.My aim is to send Jackie reeling with a bag full of traffic building and traffic CONVERTING ideas.Looking forward to chatting with you Thursday here.Mike CorsoP.S. If you'd like to speak with Jackie be sure to call the phone number on this page

Thinking about that Subject heading ("Actionable Items") makes me laugh; if you've been paying attention, just about everything I post is 'actionable' meaning 'act now and good things will happen later' in your life and business.Where to get a great logo

As promised, today I’m going to share with you the industry’s absolute best “out-of-the-box” web building and traffic generating package. Sounds like hype, doesn’t it? It’s not.Listen, I was once in your shoes; totally overwhelmed by all of the so-called Internet marketing gurus and their “guaranteed” quick and easy online money-making tools and ideas.Know this: there is nothing about being successful online that is quick and easy.Fact is, there are hundreds of resources and sites available to gather information about building successful web projects and most of this vast wealth of knowledge is great to use, but the big question is

Thanks to everyone for completing the survey that I posted last week (“Just One Question”). And welcome to all the new members on this list—we’re up to 3,019 and climbing fast!The results of the survey are clear; I asked you to tell me what you would like to learn first and the most popular category was “Getting Search Engine Traffic” (selected by 71% of you). A close second was “A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Building Profitable Web Sites” (selected by 63%). Going down the list, I see “Finding Keywords” at 31%, “Being More Productive Overall” at 30%, “Choosing Affiliate Networks”