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Video IS huge for your business.  To get the most out of your videos, you have to use the right tool: Traffic Geyser. Mike K has put together so many great videos to help you get started so I'm not going to give you a step-by-step here, however, I do want to share with you two REALLY cool new features that have been added to Traffic Geyser: Transcribe any audio or video file into an article, blog post, ebook or book. Submit to over 30 article sites (depending on the Traffic Geyser package you have). The transcription feature in particular is VERY powerful. Now you can

Thought I'd share a proposal I just fired off to a prospective client.  Use it to your benefit: Ray, Great speaking with you. I would setup and manage a comprehensive Internet Marketing plan that would encompass the following: Landing page optimization (using LPGen ). List building (email capture and autoresponder setup using Aweber ) Video marketing (using Traffic Geyser ) Keyword research (using Keywordtopia ) PPC (rapid campaign setup and execution using SpeedPPC ) Press release distribution (using PRWeb ) SEO (on-page SEO copywriting , inbound link building, SEOmoz tools) I propose a 20-hour/week contract at $xx/hr.  50% or $xx of first month paid up front.  Press release fees extra based on my cost.