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Cool guitar gear here: # Enjoying the sun in NY (been too rainy lately). Looking forward to the Shelter Island 10K tomorrow. # Sign into my TwitterRemote on to show up on my blog ( # (For serious webmasters and ppc geeks only). You have an absolute FREE hour of playtime. ☑ # PHPonCrack. I'm drinkin' this guy's Kool-Aid (for webmasters ONLY--especially if you have an ecommerce site) ✍ # Good God of Baseball! Could there be a better gift book for a baseball addict?? # Watching this video now - can't believe what @russellbrunson is giving away free: #

This is cool! I'm using Tweetbucks to shorten all my links. It auto-inserts affiliate codes--HUGE for affiliates - # My Google/PPC advertising secrets revealed: # Sign into my TwitterRemote on to show up on my blog ( # A future #CoolSiteoftheDay for sure: Abandoned places throughout the world: # Top of the food chain: Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic: #

Checking today's Cool Site (Rethinking Schools): Also, see what Wendy Kopp accomp'd with @TeachForAmerica # Enjoy 'Improv Everywhere''s latest mp3 experiment. Total pisser! # Good time waster (shows THE MOST popular items on eBay at any given time): # Sign into my TwitterRemote on to show up on my blog ( # Here's a cool animation showing optimal running form: (BTW, I've been running with Newtons for 2 years-never going back) #

Know any ebay addicts? let them know about this ;) # Hands down--my favorite magazine on Internet marketing: "The Net Effect". Try it for $1 (ONE BUCK!) # Using SpeedPPC to create a HUGE number of PPC campaigns effortlessly. Dangerously great tool ;) # Just Installed TwitterRemote on my blog (near top right) GREAT tool. Will feature it in 'Twitter or Die' # If you do affiliate marketing and use Wordpress, this is a MUST have: # Here's a great Father's Day gift for your beer lovin' dad # Today's Cool Site is a good 'time waster'. Interactive art:

Could making money with Twitter be any easier than this? TweetBucks - This is a WAY cool idea-totally free to signup. In fact they deposit $5 into your account just for signing up: TweetBucks will be covered in my upcoming release Twitter or Die. Have a great weekend, Mike