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Yesterday 8,414 of you opened my e-mail about Stompernet's 'Advanced SEO Techniques' and 667 of you actually watched the video.  I find that completely unacceptable -- I would expect at least half of you to recognize an opportunity like this. LISTEN: If you care AT ALL about your website's ranking in the search engines, this is one link you MUST visit: Again, in March I spent 3 days with these guys in Atlanta at Stompernet Live and there's no doubt that they know what they're talking about (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SEO). They have just released a free

Search engine optimization (SEO) should NOT cause anyone any anxiety. I can tell you that, for YEARS, I was never really comfortable with SEO.  That is, until someone broke it down for me in easy-to-understand, bite-sized chunks (I swear, sometimes I feel like the SEO 'experts' make it sound more complicated than it needs to be just to make themselves sound more