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You don't want to miss this. When Brad Fallon bought out Andy Jenkins 6 weeks ago, he said we might not recognize StomperNet the next time it opened. In this case, it's kind of like not recognizing the butterfly after it has emerged. Fact is, they're reopening a bigger, better StomperNet at one-quarter of the price. What else do you need to know? Best, Mike P.S. If you've looked at StomperNet in the past and did not join their membership I'd love to know why. Please post your comments below.

Those of you who know me know that I credit most of my approach to online business management to Rich Schefren (remember the Internet Business Manifesto?). Rich is one of those guys who continually offers a HUGE PILE of GREAT free advice to Internet entrepreneurs and asks for nothing in return (heck, he knows a decent number of people will become high paying clients of his and, honestly, that's what keeps him going). Fact is, I have a separate inbox just for all the emails I receive from Rich and his company, Strategic Profits.  He's that valuable to me. Anyway, 2 years ago, Rich Schefren personally

As mentioned previously, I've been invited to appear for 10 minutes every week on 'Stump Markus', Markus Allen's engaging talk show filled with scores of advanced marketing tips, tricks, and methods.Well, during last week's broadcast, 10 minutes somehow turned into 30 and I could have spent the whole afternoon sharing ideas with this one-of-a-kind marketing whiz.Here's a rundown of the topics we covered last week followed by a link to the recording and a list of sources mentioned during our talk:Egg timers, Pickle jars, and the 4-hour workweek