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Today's Cool Site of the Day is #Flowdock. Flowdock is a business collaboration app that integrates with other tools that I actually use (like the super cool project manager, #Trello). I just signed up and instantly had no problem connecting with Trello (I'm also going to tie in Confluence). Give it a shot

My three favorite business magazines these days are: Fast Company, Inc, and The Net Effect (a Stompernet publication). Reading through Fast Company last night I was reminded of Gina Trapani's awesome 'Work Smart' series of video tips.  You can find them all here but here's one I firmly believe in (and struggle to practice every day): What do you think?  Do you have any productivity tips to share?  Please comment below. Mike

I'm a bit frustrated on this Friday. On my recommendation, over 900 of you have visited the StomperNet site over the past several days but only 100 of you have gone on to watch their free webinars (or, as I like to refer to them: stompinars)! I'm shocked at the above because, for instance, last night Dan Hollings hit it out of the park with his free stompinar on Twitter. Plus the other FREE webinars held earlier in the week (covering SEO, Keyword Research, Article Marketing, and more) are available to you

The timing of this post is no accident. It's Friday, you're overwhelmed because another work week is coming to a close and you just realized that you only completed 3 of your 10 HIGH PRIORITY tasks this week. Get ready for the stress to be lifted and a radical change in the way you do business. As promised, last week, I interviewed John Jonas, the brain behind ReplaceMyself, and grilled him for over 50 minutes (click the play button below).  I got him to spill his guts regarding how he's able to find FULL TIME assistants overseas and pay them $3,000 PER YEAR!!!  Top notch programmers,