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SPONSORED BY:InboxDollars InboxDollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining. Click.---Today's Cool Site of the Day:Funny Pictures!As the title would imply, funny pictures! And NO POP UPS!! Enjoy this one on this fine Friday!Check it out at: Rate it here.Visit Cool Site of the Day!Sure, there's a lot of GAUDY stuff on display here, but look past the flash and the tool itself is pretty darn cool. Add hats, outfits, sparkles, effects and more to images. Easy to add stuff, easy to resize, easy to save and easy to use. Doesn't have to be just for MySpace either. Check it out at: Cool Site of the Day!So much funny, non-PC, disturbing, cringe-inducting stuff on here. Some of the videos have some racy language, so be warned if you're looking with the kiddies. Great way to spend the end of the last work day before a holiday weekend!Check it out at: Cool Site of the Day

The Old Timer's Machine!Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you grow old? This web site allows you to upload pictures and see. There are features like adding clothes, facial features and changing the pigment colors of your face. Check it out at: Cool Site of the Day