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floridasun5 asked: I have heard so many bad horror stories about some of these SEO firms ripping people off and costing them a fortune, but not getting any better rankings in return. Are there any legitimate, reputable firms out there that anyone can direct me to? I've read all about SEOs, ranking, optimization, etc. I have optimized my site the best I know how, but I think it still needs a lot of help and I dont have the know-how, time or interest to delve into that area on my own. I only will want to pay for a service if it

Today's Cool Site of the Day:This is Just Stupid!"It started off over my annoyance at stupid people leaving plastic bags of dog poop in the Phoenix Mountain preserve -- like someone else was going to come along and pick those up. It evolved into posting stupid stuff people do every day. Trust me, there is plenty of material. Just wish I had more time!"See It & Rate It HERE.Visit Cool Site of the Day