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I just got this e-mail from Jim at Web Marketing Concepts.I'm working on a big post for you (unrelated to WMC) but felt I had to get this information to you ASAP.Here's Jim's message:"We are pleased to announce that Web Marketing Concepts will be holding a Members Only Telesemiar on Wednesday April 2, 2008 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. During this 90-minute event, we will be welcoming the new members that have joined during the last month and discussing how you can best use the Web Marketing Concepts system.We will also be talking about how the Affiliate Content Generator and the Link

Today (OK, tonight—yeah, I had to work out a few things before putting this post together) is a very important day in our lives; important for you because I’m bringing you one GIANT step closer to realizing your dreams of online success. Important for me because I am about to extend a hand to you in a way I’ve never done before.Here’s the story: over a year ago I was contacted by Jim MacKinley (‘nirvana man’) about a system he was working on that would make link exchanging easy to do (in case you don’t know, getting links to your site