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Sync with Google Reader…for Free!

Are you still searching site after site to get your daily dose of information? If so…STOP!

Many sites out there publish their news and information through RSS feeds, which allow users to subscribe to information streams and read them ALL IN ONE PLACE. Sweet!

That’s why I wanted to tell you about NewsGator and their award winning RSS Readers.

Whether you’re subscribed to the Cool Site of the Day RSS feed or any other RSS feed, NewsGator allows users to choose the best RSS readers for their needs. Choose from either FeedDemon for Windows or NetNewsWire for Mac, the iPad and iPhone.

If you’d like a web-based RSS reader, another cool feature about NewsGator is that it syncs with Google Reader. The best part – you can get the software and sync…FOR FREE!

What are you waiting for? Visit NewsGator now.

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