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“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert.” - Australian psychiatrist W. Béran Wolfe

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mike corso - seo - cool site I'm a web viking and digital marketing ninja (SEO, SEM, email, social media, landing page optimization, lead generation, etc. ) responsible for Cool Site of the Day, the Internet's oldest directory (launched in 1994).  I'm also Google Adwords Qualified and am one of only .5% with direct access to Google corporate. One of my goals with Cool Site of the Day is to shine a light on all the cool websites since the beginning of cyber time.

Cool Site of the Day has featured a unique site every day since August of 1994...nearly 9,000 sites!

As for my approach to Internet marketing and SEM, the following quote says it all:

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” (Pearson's Law found on Mark Joyner's Simpleology)

More background

In 1993, I was the first person to promote music on the Internet for the major record labels (via bulletin boards and primitive websites!). After 5 years working for the music industry, I bought Cool Site of the Day (1998).
I have been quoted in several online and offline publications including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and am usually available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Sometimes I find time to offer consulting services...

If you do decide to contact me for a consultation, know that we will FOCUS on keyword research and competitor analysis INTENSELY (believe me, it will save you hours/days/months/years of heartbreak). THEN, you will know if your idea has a shot; if not, I will likely redirect you towards a more lucrative path.

How I spend my free time

Other than my business life, I'm also: Hoping our paths cross one way or another, Mike Corso e-mail: mike AT facebook twitter | linkedin
"Mike Corso is incredible. Our heads hurt from the number of good ideas to track down after consulting with him for 30 minutes. Thanks, Mike!" -Jake,
“Thanks for your insight and site evaluation. We have moved from PR3 to PR5 on one of our main landing pages thanks to you. We are on our way up thanks to your professional evaluation and valuable input. We have not implemented all of your suggestions as we have a small staff here. Thanks Again!"  Bruce Richards
“Mike Corso will show you the proper way of doing things. There is no hidden agenda, just pure information and action. You must be sleeping at the wheel if you do not get on board with Mike and his 'Crazy Train'!!” -David A.
"Keep up the good work. You really have a winner of a site, and what a way to help new sites generate the traffic they need when they first launch."  -- John H.
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Storytelling Is A Winning Content Strategy That Hooks Your Visitors

Storytelling Is A Winning Content Strategy That Hooks Your VisitorsThe fabric of the world is made of stories. Stories are how we interact with and relate to others in the world. The same is true online; each time we visit a website, we’re reading a narrative of some kind. Usually those narratives are sales-oriented, but many are personal stories written by people who have something to share. In that case, they’re selling an idea rather than a product.

Persuasive storytelling is popular because it sells

Raw data is interesting, but stories have the power to impact people’s emotions and move them into action. Every good internet marketer taps into emotion through storytelling to sell their product, viewpoint, or argument.

Commenting on how stories affect the mind, Sparring Mind says, “The reason that stories work so well on us is that we are susceptible to getting “swept up” in both their message and in the manner of their telling.” Stories, they say, transport people to another world where they’re more likely to embrace things they’d scoff at in the “real world.”

People want to hear stories about beating the odds

People love stories about triumph over tragedy; stories about people who reached the depths of despair and miraculously fought their way out. They want to hear about survivors and people born with limitations they fiercely overcame.

One such story often told in the medical cannabis industry, is the story of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte defied all odds against an incurable disease and changed the nation’s views on the medicinal use of CBD oil. Experiencing over 300 epileptic episodes each week at two years old, Charlotte couldn’t move, talk, or eat.

Her parents tried everything from acupuncture to strong drugs, which almost killed Charlotte. Her family didn’t like the idea of giving their 6-year-old CBD, but it was their last hope. However, several doctors rejected the family’s request to give her cannabis, creating a huge triumph when they finally found supporters. “This little girl, who was once catatonic with over 300 seizures a [week],” says Healthy Hemp Oil, “now had a large source of CBD oils to help her live again. Her seizures went down to one episode per week, sometimes even to one a month.”

A good story is at the heart of every winning content strategy

Rather than presenting raw data to your visitors, crafting a narrative is ultimately more effective. However, any story you craft needs to be engaging. Suspense and detailed imagery are just two elements that make a story engaging. This can be done through any medium.

  • Video. Telling a story through video is a great way to make your story more engaging. Video satisfies the need for visual stimulation. You don’t even need to be an actor to produce video. Actually, it’s better when you’re not.

    People consume a vast amount of video compared to other types of media. WordStream reports that 87% of online marketers create video content, and more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day.

  • Audio. Radio hosts and internet podcasts are adept at telling stories through a pure audio format. Although people love videos, there’s an equally large market for audio.
  • Plain copy. Telling a story through copy may seem less engaging than video, but research shows when people are interested in your content, they’ll read your copy. Neil Patel once tweeted, “Interested people will read your entire article. Even if your blog post is too damn long.”

    The reason other studies conclude short copy performs better is because most people don’t know how to capture and hold the reader’s attention.

    Today, most people write their own sales copy to save money. Those who are willing to spend the money on a professional copywriter will end up with copy that keeps a reader’s attention.

Don’t get stuck trying to please everyone

Don’t allow yourself to become driven by the compulsion to make all of your visitors consume all of your content. Some visitors will read bits and pieces, and others will read everything. Your job is to satisfy the people who are readers. When you know your audience, that’s easy. Use storytelling to address their deepest needs, and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

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