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Start Split Testing NOW.

Did you know that a recent survey showed that 80% of internet marketers have never done any split testing — even though it’s one of the most powerful tools in the successful marketers toolkit?

Jim Stone is a conversion rate expert who teaches people how to increase their conversion rates through split testing, and he thinks he knows why people don’t get started, even though they know they should.

He believes they think it’s too complicated, and takes too long to get set up.

If you’re in this group, Jim has a great deal for you today.

He his going to teach you how to do split testing in about as painless a way as possible.

It starts with a short video, and and interactive case study.

Painless, like I said.

Then he gives you a free report, and a copy of the single-variable version of his $891 software for free — no strings attached.  You don’t need to pull out your credit card, and you don’t have any obligation to upgrade or anything.  You can use the software as long as you want for free.

He just wants people to get started split testing as soon as possible, and has put together this kit to make it happen.

You just watch the video and complete the interactive case study, and Jim will give you a graded score on your answers, and will give you a 50+ page eBook that teaches you how to give yourself raises through split testing.

This opportunity won’t last long (personally, I think it’s a crazy good opportunity, and, if you’ve never split tested your landing pages, this is your single best chance to get the ball rolling).

Get started right now:


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