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Just a quick message — I have to bolt for a train to NYC (heading to Search Engine Strategies – great conference).

Why You Need To Be on Twitter

First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the heartfelt messages following my mother’s passing.  Facebook, Twitter and YOU are truly amazing.  (BTW, if you’re not on Twitter or don’t know if you need to be on Twitter, join Twitter NOW and follow me –I’ll walk you through it.  As a social media tool, Twitter is awesome; as a business tool it’s indispensible.

How To Get a Quick Review by Cool Site of the Day

Next, if you submitted your site to Cool Site of the Day and have not heard back, we’re backlogged (thousands of sites to review!).  But don’t fret, if you KNOW you’ve got the goods and would like that quick spike in traffic that we’re known for, consider our Express Submission (yeah, it costs a few pennies but, believe me, it’s worth it).  This link gets you to the top of the queue:
Finally,  I’m extremely proud to have worked on The Fat Free Guide to SEO with Ian Lurie of  I’m not just saying this because I had a hand in the final product (ebook and free 45-minute audio).  This is the kind of primer I wish was available when I first started to learn SEO.  So clearly explained.  A ‘must read’ for ALL webmasters.  Get yours here.
Have a great day!

P.S. If you want a quick, live website review from me, for a limited time I’m  offering 10-minute sessions (in addition to my standard 60-minute consultations). Grab a slot here.
P.P.S. Please support Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

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