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SEO Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

When I signed up for StomperNet’s new free “7 Deadly SEO Mistakes” course, I was only really doing it to check out how StomperNet had put it together.

I mean, I already “know” SEO, right?

And I DID already know a lot of the stuff in the reports and videos they’ve sent so far.  SEO fundamentals haven’t changed since the 90’s.  But then I dared myself to check my sites for these mistakes anyway,
and….well, it was ugly.

I KNOW what I’m supposed to be doing, but marketing distractions, putting out fires, plain old procrastination, you know the drill…

But now, thanks to StomperNet’s course, I have a cool checklist that I can use to fix each site right up.

Plus, I can even use it the next time I start a new site, so I’m not ever ashamed again when I get called out for my SEO.

Check it out here – there’s a free video just to tell you the whole scoop, and then you can sign up and start getting the course immediately after.

Very much worth your time.

Relay for Life – We raised over $100,000!

Thanks again for your support of Relay For Life. I just got this uplifting message from our area organizer:
“We are proud to report that at this year’s event a total of 45 teams came
together, bringing 396 participants who raised $ 107,000. This was an
amazing year!”
My team was responsible for $10,000 and I, with your generosity, raised just under $2,000!

Have a great evening,

Mike Corso

P.S. Even if you know SEO, check out this link and challenge yourself!  If you aren’t making ONE of these mistakes (even though you think you know better) – you should call StomperNet and ask if there’s a faculty opening. 🙂

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