SEO: Link Analysis using Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is a mash-up between services offered by Yahoo! and data made available by Google. The process works like this:

  1. Link Diagnosis looks for all of the indexed pages of your site.
  2. Then it looks for all of the sites that link back to each of your pages.
  3. It then checks for the authority of each of those sites linking back to you.
  4. Then it checks to see if the links are still there.
  5. Link Diagnosis determines what type of link it is (good vs. no-follow) and how many other links are on the same page (outbound link count)
  6. Link Diagnosis determines the anchor text used in the link pointing to your site.
  7. Link Diagnosis determines the PageRank of each link.

Done manually, you could easily spend the whole day on one site alone.

What’s the cost? Actually, Link Diagnosis is a free, no-strings-attached service made possible by iAcquire.

There are a multitude of other sites out there whose services may or may not overlap Link Diagnosis’ services; they distinguish themselves by working
only with the freshest data out there, and by keeping the service free.  Nice.

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