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4 Steps to Successful SEO!

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of getting a website ranked high for specific keyword phrases.

For instance, if my website were Cool Site of the Day, which it is, I would want to rank high in the search engines for the keyword phrase ‘cool sites’, which I do.

In other words, when people search ‘cool sites’ in Google, I want Cool Site of the Day to appear high on the first page of search results; it appears in the #1 spot so I’m happy 🙂

OK, so how does one go about planning and carrying out an effective SEO strategy?  Fortunately, it’s much simpler than one might believe and it comes down to doing just 4 things right:

1.  Create content on your website or blog on a steady basis.  The search engines like to see sites that are continually growing.

2.  Make sure you follow some basic SEO copywriting skills.  For instance, be sure you include accurate ‘meta’ info in your Title tag and Description tag.  This is so simple and is covered comprehensively in The Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting referenced here:

3. Submit your site to the many other directories out there (Google and Yahoo are not the only ones).  I use a tool called SubmitEaze to make this as quick and painless as possible.

4.  Request links from all the sites that are linking to sites similar to yours (you can find them by doing a search like this in Google:  Using a third party tool like linkdiagnosis or SEOmoz you can identify which of those sites have a high Google Page Rank and choose to only request links from them).

Well, that should get you started.  Any questions, hit me.



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